We CUSTOMIZE short term mission trips for churches, schools, colleges, and adults, and even families; matching YOUR unique skills, gifts, and desires with the needs of people around the globe. Help us make a difference in the lives of others! Click here and fill out a request to go on a mission trip and/or to get more information.

Looking for opportunities to serve God full time on the mission field? Where would you like to go? Let's have a conversation - the global team is ALWAYS in need of more missionaries! 

Ready to take the next step up into leadership? We offer opportunities for individuals starting at the age of 14! Come serve with us for 2 weeks, 2 months, or even 2 years! No experience, training or formal education fact if you don't think




Call or text NOW to find out how: (918) 944-9058

Inner city, projects, park ministry, prayer walks, homeless. See the sights of NYC.

Homeless, clothing shelters, mentally disabled (also close to filmmakers of Facing the Giants & Pres. Carter).


Ministry with Cherokee Nation, Keetoowah tribes, and others. Construction, orphanage.

NO PASSPORT NEEDED (Low airfares to this destination). Beach-side, evangelism, construction

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