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Our trips are fully custom fit to meet the skills of your team. We can organize a trip that can include anything from heavy and light construction projects, a VBS in the community, working with a local church, interacting with different families in the community, and much more. Mix the trip up and vary the activities, projects and ministries based on the size of your group or its skill set. You are not locked into a cookie cutter schedule that everyone else help choose and coordinate what happens during your trip; we value your input!

For only $309 per person (domestic trips; international trip prices vary), we can put together the perfect trip for you! That cost provides your trip set up, experienced staff who are with you, housing expenses, and also a hot breakfast and hearty lunch every day of your trip! (Dinners are optional and can be added for $7.50 per person per day, or you can eat fast food, or the area cuisine. You also will be contributing financially to the individual places you visit and work. Typically, our mission trips run on a Sunday-Friday schedule. Prices can be adjusted if those days don’t work for you!

Put together a team today of 12 or more people and contact us now for more information and reservation of your space - weeks fill up quickly at this price!

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My very first team, we were doing a VBS in the mornings, in Dallas in the Hispanic community. It was just amazing to see the relationships that the team made with the kids during that week. Just in four short mornings, by the last day, the team was crying, and the kids were crying. It was really impactful to see how fast such strong relationships could be made. 
- Jenna Boriak, Intern 2011

Who are we?

We Go Global is an inter-denominational missions agency that specializes in short term mission trips. We work with all different church and school denominations as well as groups like university and college fraternities; we have even had company groups that have no religious affiliation. We ALL work toward one common goal: Sharing with others in different communities the love of God. 

We are made up of volunteers, bi-vocation, part and full time missionaries. We wear many hats and do many things. Our organization does not have full time paid people in offices creating large overhead and administrative costs; it may take us a few days to get back with you because we are on the field in a remote area that has limited cell or internet service...but be assured we will connect!