​Our mission trip to Oklahoma was only 5 short days but we gained a lifetime of valuable experience from our time there. Not only were we able to reach out to the people of the community and help meet the needs through Chris's love, but they also taught us important lessons to grow from spiritually. Planning our trip with We Go Global was very beneficial. Their team helped us every step of the way and they were an incredible blessing to each of us. 

​In June 2013 we were able to take our mission youth group on their first mission trip. We chose "We Go Global" because it was still within the states but our youth had the opportunity to serve others outside of our community. Mick and Mary Ann had projects set up for us that gave the youth the chance to meet people from another culture and learn that we don't all have to come from the same place to be able to love Jesus and that He loves us back. Before we even left from our trip, all our group was wanting to know when we could schedule another trip back. We had a great time and look forward to our next trip.
- Sandra Jones, Brashear Baptist Mission Leader

Rio Grande Valley, TX


The opportunities for ministry in the lower South Texas area are diverse, and are available year round. You can participate in everything from a VBS program, to painting, or visiting the elderly.There is a large Spanish speaking population (nine out of ten people are Hispanic) in the Rio Grande, and South Texas provides a rich "south of the border" heritage. It is close yet very SAFE near the Mexico border! Our Mission partner church houses our teams…we have actually housed 130 people at one time, while working on a whole street of homes! Groups from Boston to Houston have worked at this site…Join them as we make a difference in the valley!

New Orleans


There are lots of ministry opportunities in the New Orleans area including helping local organizations, shelters, churches & neighborhoods with their ongoing efforts to rebuild. Ministries include sorting and distributing of donated items such as clothes, diapers, formula, water and food. Debris removal and clean up in flooded areas is a huge need as well.Years later, the effects of Hurricane Katrina are still felt. There are homes still untouched from the devastation. We can do clean up or rebuilding, there are plenty of needs! Make a difference in this hard hit area that is struggling, but that keeps on going! Colleges and Churches alike have brought groups of 20 -45 people here to our mission partners!


​(WV/ VA/ Eastern KY) $309

Travel and minister to the coal mining region of Appalachia. You will change lives and be changed yourself as you serve in the community meeting physical and spiritual needs alike. Ministries include work projects, feeding the hungry, VBS, children’s ministry, sports camps, and giving hope to the hopeless.Visit an exhibition coal mine and go down inside and see what its like (Its safe of course) as people work there day in and day out. A wide range of diversions from rafting to zip lining are available in the Appalachian mountains.Areas include parts of West Virginia, Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky at our mission sites; depending on which one is suited to your needs and available the week you choose we have slept up to 50 people.

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Treasure Coast, FL


Ministry opportunities, beaches, and moderate temperatures abound in the sunshine state. Multicultural immigrants coexist with the wealthy and retired, amidst a backdrop defined by; a stronghold of poverty, false religions, and people in need.Three hours north of Miami, we stay at a partner church who has gone with us on mission trips for years. The sunshine state provides a great opportunity for fun on the beach one or two days. Bring your sunscreen and help others in need! At night we've had up to 43 people sleeping on the floor on an air mattress; the days are filled with the customized choices of your trip!

Brooklyn, NYC


Get ready for a fast paced mission trip in the inner city of Brooklyn! In Brooklyn we have opportunities to serve with local churches, do park ministry, and work in the “projects” where 40,000 people live in six square blocks. You can take prayer walks in the Big Apple, work with a runaway homeless shelter, and all sorts of other opportunities!Of course you will want to see some of the NYC sites, like the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and more. Many of our teams also schedule to see a Broadway play or attend a major sporting event. Within its five boroughs, NYC holds everything on the spectrum from great wealth and affluence, to inner city poverty and homelessness. We have housed up to 48 people in our partner church in Brooklyn for many years! Help us rebuild the lower level of the church devastated by Hurricane Sandy!

Rural Southwest GA


There are always service opportunities a short drive from Albany, GA; with construction opportunities, homeless shelters, and those dealing with mentally disabled persons. We have connections in various places that will allow for a variety of work during your customized mission trip! In addition, SW GA boasts of the home of film crew and cast of Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous;  as well as being the home of former President Jimmy Carter and peanut country - our teams have heard the former President teach his Sunday School class and have eaten delicious peanut butter ice cream. Join us in the Deep South where there are people groups that need to know you care: Hispanic, White, African American, Indian and International people are all concentrated together within this region. Our Mission Houses up to 30 people and more at other resource centers.

Native American: Cherokee Nation 


Come to the heart of Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma to serve with the Native Americans at a local orphanage, soup kitchens and shelters, heavy and light construction projects, and even Vacation Bible School opportunities! You may be familiar with a journey now familiarly called "The Trail of Tears "; where the Native Americans were relocated from the SE part of the US in the 1800’s, undergoing perilous travel, many losing their lives along the way. Although truly tragic; this is part of the history of our nation. The good news is that you can help us help others in great need! We are located on the NE corner of OK; ten miles away from the AR line, in Siloam Springs. You can also learn to sing Amazing Grace in Cherokee from a Native American, and/or visit the Cherokee Cultural Center where they will take you on a  guided tour of a period re-creation of a village. You can talk to Native Americans along the way and much more. We can also go to Moore, OK and work with the Tornado Victims one day if you choose! Our Mission House is equipped for 40 people in bunk beds but we have other spaces available if you have a larger team.

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