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I AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING: I the undersigned participant, hereby agree not to hold WEGOGLOBAL, its officers, employees, or other agents liable for any injury, loss, damage, or accident, delay, or irregularity in schedule that might be encountered while on one of their Mission Trips or while working, training, or participating in any activities at any WEGOGLOBAL location. Permission is granted and agreed to attend/participate in activities sponsored/instructed by staff. I realize and acknowledge that my participation on a Mission Trip or any other activities sponsored by WEGOGLOBAL in the United States or any foreign country includes many risks and possible dangers. I am well aware that travel in the United States and foreign countries exposes me to such risks as accidents, disease, war, political unrest, injury from construction projects, and other calamities and I therefore do not hold WEGOGLOBAL liable. I hereby assume any such risks that might result from travel in the United States or any foreign country, and I unconditionally agree NOT to hold WEGOGLOBAL, its officers, employees, or other agents blameless for any liability concerning personal health, well-being, or any liability for my personal property that might be lost, damaged, or stolen while participating on a mission trip. I authorize an adult to whose care I have been entrusted to consent to any emergency medical/surgical procedure and to obtain medical prescriptions as necessary due to accident or illness, by a licensed physician or dentist. I will assume the responsibility for all medical bills, if any. Further, should it be necessary for me to return home due to medical reasons, disciplinary action or otherwise, I hereby assume all responsibility and transportation costs. Attached is a copy of trip participant’s insurance card or a statement that you do not hold current insurance; please attach to this signed form. Failure to do so may terminate trip. By clicking submit below, I understand I will represent WEGOGLOBAL and obey the rules of the organization; I further release my pictures and video footage for their use.