***Our most popular International Destination is Puerto Rico; due to the Hispanic culture, the beach, low cost air fares, NO PASSPORT required and, of course, all the ways to help others! But for the more seasoned Mission Trip travelers we can connect you to Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas as well as Romania, Africa and the Holy Lands.***

​Arrive at the island and join the Bahamian people and culture as you continue to work with one of the most Christian nations (They still pray in school).

The Bahamians are wonderfully spirited people. The tropical beaches and ocean water is enchanting as you reach out and connect with the children, youth and families that are in need.You are in the right place for a calypso beat and a positive experience in sharing community! Expect a great time…in the sun, and with the people of the Bahamas, as you meet the needs of others!

We can arrange to take your team to one or more islands; minister and also allow some time for snorkeling and the beach or stay with us on Grand Bahama island and work with our mission partners; we can house up to 45 people and hotels are available if you want an upgraded package.

Dominican Republic

Street ministry, mimes and dramas draw great crowds for ministry. Medical teams are also in great demand.! This experience is heart wrenching, yet so rewarding, as you share your heart with the island people of the Dominican Republic.

Work with beautiful children in a predominantly Haitian refugee village. Visit with, sing for, pray for and bring smiles to children in a local hospital. Help one of many churches that could use some fixing and repairs. You could also lead a Vacation Bible School program. Many, many ministry opportunities exist here.

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Puerto Rico

Join us (with NO Passport required) in service to the west coast beach side towns of Puerto Rico. Experience the Hispanic culture - just a short plane ride from the United States into the Caribbean Sea. (Great prices also on Spirit airlines).

We are located in the Aguadilla area of the western side of the island. There are low income projects and plenty of under developed neighborhoods that need to be shown the love of God. Beach ministry, prayer walks, and downtown or beach WBGA (water bottle give away) evangelism are great opportunities for you and your team!

This destination is the BEST soft entry point for your group or team into International Missions! You have the culture and the language; but a lot of English speaking people, Home Depot, Wal mart and US fast food…also VERY SAFE as Puerto Rico is a US Territory!Our Mission House is one block from the beach and we have space for up to 30 people.


The people of Romania are awaiting the “Good News” that your group will be bringing to share! The inner city and gypsy villages are awaiting you to come, and lovingly minister to babies and abandoned children. We also work with autistic/special needs children and ESL (English Second Language) classes.

We can arrange home stays, hotels, or church floors depending on your comfort level and budget. Seasons can bring about great temperature differences and cost variation of flights and other items.

​We have taken many teams over to Romania and we need a team of at least 15 or your willingness to join another group in order to make this possible. The historical legends of Transylvania’s medieval castles and mountains await you; so if you are going - allow us to build in a day or two of site-seeing and touring!


The island is in great need; from the earthquake and hurricane damages, to the cult-ish superstitions, where witchcraft and voodoo abound!

While there are beaches and jungles there is not much site seeing here; so don’t expect that kind of trip. Expect rewarding work among the people and villages of the island while you make relationships of a lifetime!

Stay at our partner churches or upgrade to an all-inclusive hotel for a minimal additional cost. Our groups have ranged from 12 to 25 people…all of which had an amazing time meeting the needs of the Haitian people!

Call or text NOW to find out how: (918) 944-9058