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I’m really enjoying the time I’ve spent being with We Go Global. Its taught me so many things, and how to deal with different situations and not to crack under pressure. I really enjoy serving people. This week I got to talk with a Native American lady named Cricket and shes so lovely. Shes a very sweet lady and likes to live life her way and to live a simple life. All her water supply comes from a well and so does her electricity (which isn't very much), she has an outhouse, and what doesn't run on the well she uses propane. She gets $600 every month to herself and what she doesn't use she gives away to people who need it. This week we had a group of ten construction workers come in and do different things around the area. One of the things was to build a deck for Cricket and she felt bad for even asking for a 4×6 deck -instead she got a 10×16 deck instead and she was so thankful. What I thought what was amazing about the whole thing was that she had been praying for a deck for ten years and finally one day she got her deck and it just proves to me the power of prayer and how faithful God really is.
- Jessica Lambert, Intern 2013

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Full Time Missionaries

Looking for opportunities to serve God full time on the mission field? Where would you like to go? Let's have a conversation - the global team is ALWAYS in need of more missionaries!

Let us help you fulfill your desire even if we don’t have a mission point in the location you feel called to. We can help you regardless of your education or past…there is a place for you! Click here to connect with us; fill out a prelimary request form to become a full time missionary and get more information


Ready to take the next step up into leadership? We offer opportunities for individuals starting at the age of 14! Come serve with us for 2 weeks, 2 months, or even 2 years! No experience, training or formal education…in fact if you don’t think you can because of your past life contact us anyway…there is room for you! 

We're looking for mature students and adults who want to serve locally with mission sites and mission trips. You can come serve local youth when helping lead sports camps and performing arts camps. Help families in the area when you assist with leading mission trips. Get tons of hands-on experience working with a missions organization. Learn about the missionaries on staff, hear how the God brought them here and see how the Lord is using them now.